For your convenience, Unistel Medical Laboratories makes a home test option available which CANNOT be used in any legal cases or procedures. This option is made available purely for peace of mind and will have to be repeated following the legal stipulated protocol if a results are to be used in legal cases or procedures. 

This option is available to those who do not wish to use their final results in any legal proceeding. The samples can be self-collected and submitted to Unistel Medical Laboratories. Excluding the ability to validate the identity of the specimens required, the final results are as accurate as a legally documented test because the laboratory analysis is identical.

Final results for tests will typically take 3 - 7 business days after receipt of samples and will be posted, emailed or faxed (on receipt of reasonable identification.

For further information like postal address for samples, costs of tests and banking details please see referral form

Non legal DNA testing form