How long does it take to receive the results?

It generally takes 3-7 business days after receipt of the samples to receive the results.  Special arrangements may be made with the laboratory if the results are needed sooner.

In cases where the mother’s sample is not included or an unusual sample is used, testing may require more time.

Do all parties have to provide a blood specimen on the same day or do they need to go to the same medical facility to have their blood samples collected?

No, the samples are united once they all are received in the testing laboratory.  It is important to advise the laboratory of these cases.  The chain of custody must, however, be ensured at all times.  Samples collected early can be stored as DNA for as long as necessary until all samples are united.                                                              

What samples are required?

Finger prick with drop of blood on a Guthrie card is preferred.

2 - 5ml blood in an EDTA tube (purple stoppered) is required for each individual to be tested by preference.

Mouth swabs and enough hair roots are also accepted.

Prenatal paternity testing can also be performed on corrionic villus samples, amniotic fluid and cord blood.

Protocol for blood sampling 

  • The procedures for sample collection are quite simple. the following procedures will be followed.
  • Positive identification, such an identification document (Photostat to go with samples) or passport, is required.
  • The mother, as legal guardian of the child will be required to give permission for a blood sample to be taken from the child.  If deceased, the guardian must sign permission.
  • Both parties will be required to certify that blood was drawn for the purpose of paternity testing and that the tubes containing the blood / guthrie cards were correctly labelled and identified.
  • Payment for the test must be made up front by the party paying for the paternity test.