Maternity Test

Is the mother of a child his/her biological mother? For this question we offer a similar test to the paternity test. We will need samples of the mother and the child.

If there are no samples of the alleged mother, samples of her mother, brother, sister or grandmother can be tested.


Grandparent Testing

A grandparent study can be performed to determine paternity when a DNA specimen is unavailable from an alleged parent.  Ideally grandparent testing analyzes specimens from the mother, the child and both of the alleged father's biological parents. If the child's mother is unavailable for testing, we can also perform the test without her.

Test to determine if two men are brothers

This test will show if two presumed brothers do in fact have the same father. A sample of the father is not necessary. We will test for the Y-chromosome which can only be passed on from the father to male descendants. This chromosome must be exactly the same for both brothers. A sample of the mother is not necessary.

If there is a question about the mother being the same for both brothers a standard DNA profile analysis will be required.

Test to determine if there is a brother - sister relationship

This is a difficult test since it is neither an outright brother to brother or sister to sister test. We are one of the very few laboratories in South Africa that offer a solution in cases like this using two different statistical packages to calculate the probabilities.

Tests for related family members

For male family members a test that is similar to the brother - brother test allows checking for male relationships within a family. The Y-chromosome is always passed on from father to son within a family. That means that we will find the exact same Y-chromosome within all male relationships in a family, e.g. grandfather – grandson, cousin – cousin, uncle – nephew.

Family Relationship testing consists of many types of situations where a DNA is unavailable from the alleged parent, such as sibling studies (DNA sibling testing) to determine if someone is the biological brother or sister of other individuals. The parties needed for testing depend upon the facts of the specific case. Please call Unistel Medical Laboratories to discuss specific parties who are available for testing. We will make suggestions on who should be tested, and give you an idea of what level of certainty can be expected from a test of the available parties. STR and Y chromosome DNA analysis can be used as a powerful battery of testing provide reliable results for kinship testing.  The unique availability of powerful statistical packages to Unistel Medicl Laboratories provides more conclusive answers to difficult family reconstruction cases.

Twin Zygosity Testing

Twin zygosity testing is performed to determine if two children born of the same pregnancy are identical or fraternal twins.

Fraternal Twins are conceived from two different eggs and sperm.  When twins are conceived with different eggs, they will share some of their DNA (just like any sibling), but there will be differences.

Identical Twins are conceived from one fertilized egg which splits into two embryos early in development.  When twins are conceived from one egg and one sperm, they will have exactly the same DNA.

Through DNA twin testing, Unistel Medical Laboratories can determine positively if twins are fraternal.  If twins match at all tested DNA loci, this will provide a statistic probability greater 99.99% in favour of the tested individuals being identical.