Welcome to Unistel

Unistel Medical Laboratories (Pty) Ltd. (UML) was founded in 1999 and is a dedicated human and animal genetics testing centre located at De Tijger Business Park, Parow North in the Western Cape, South Africa.

UML offers a complete genetic testing service to physicians, patients and clients. All staff members are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and animal genetic services possible.

Our Mission

We constantly strive to maintain excellence through research, technological innovations and advancement, personal commitment through training and wide participation in the UKNEQUAS quality assurance scheme.

Our Directors and Shareholders

Prof HC Viljoen

Chairman of the Board

Dr MJ Senekal

Dietrich Voigt Mia (Pty) Ltd

Dr MP Marx

Managing Director

Mr HJ Pearce


Mrs L Theart


Prof HJ Odendaal


Dear valued supporters and suppliers

As the total effect of the COVID-19 lockdown becomes clear and the knock-on effect of this action is realized, Unistel Medical Laboratories has pro-actively put procedures in place to firstly ensure the absolute safety of staff and secondly to ensure the seamless continued functioning of the laboratory to provide essential diagnostic testing. No patient services, cytogenetic, Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization (FISH) and DNA testing can or will be compromised as this is an essential critical service. Staff will ensure services continue by working in non-overlapping shifts, keep social distance and completing as much analysis and reporting work electronically from home.

Unistel Medical Laboratories is committed to the huge effort to restrict the spread of COVID-19, but will also continue to provide essential world-class diagnostic and DNA testing services.

The veterinary diagnostic services will be continued on the same basis.

As all supporters will realize the turn-around time for results may be compromised slightly, but rest assured, Unistel Medical Laboratories will still do our level best to maintain timely service.